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An article on the site of a leading TV channels in Denmark, TV 2, looks at the increasing use of ECT, reporting that the rate of ECT-“treatments” dropped during the 1970’s, after “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” made the brain damage ECT causes known to a broader public. Since then, the rate has steadily increased again, and is today at the same level as it was before the film brought ECT in a disrepute.

In 2006 there were about 3,500 people in Denmark who received ECT-“treatment”, 450 of them involuntarily. Denmark has a population of 5 million.

The tendency of the article, of course, is slightly pro-ECT, although it tries to appear neutral. “It’s (ECT) again for both the patient and the relatives” an “expert” is quoted. “Research has apparently shown, that the brain is not damaged by the form of ECT, that is administered today, and, according to psychiatrists, an ECT-treatment can mean, that there can be an effECT on really severe depression as soon as one week after”, the article claims. – I like the “apparently” and the heap of “can”.

However, at the end of the article it is mentioned that there are some critical voices, such as LAP’s (a Danish user-organization), claiming that the side effects of ECT aren’t sufficiently investigated????????????
In the middle of the page there’s a poll-box where you can have your say:

“What do you think: Is it all right for psychiatry to make use of ECT again?
It asks (Hvad mener du: Er det i orden igen at bruge elektrochok i psykiatrien?)

Right now, the yes (ja)-sayers are at 51%, while the nos (nej) are at 33%.

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